My Own Miracle

By Robert W. Littke, Ph.D.

Do instantaneous healings still take place? Nowhere in the Bible is there any indication that God’s miraculous healings have ended. But what if you have already asked God for a miracle and he has not responded?

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This book illustrates how God always answers a believer’s request for a miracle but does so in a way that is unique to that individual. My Own Miracle scripturally documents what God has done in the past and what he continues to do today.


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“This was the most inspiring book I have ever read. Highly recommend this for an uplifting feeling.”
5 star review

“Are you asking God for a miracle, but wondering if he is listening? When you read this book you will find ways to cope with “God’s time.”
5 star review


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Faced with devastating news of an incurable disease, My Own Miracle is the story of my journey of faith for truth, and proof that the God of the Bible is still in the miracle-working business today.

Having read hundreds of testimonies of other people being healed, I wondered if it was actually possible for me to receive a healing as well. Thus the name of this book comes from my journey to find “MY OWN MIRACLE”.

After having accepted Christ as a young adult, I spent decades in the Word of God (The Holy Bible). I often wondered if the stories I had read of famous men and women of God who professed to have the gifts of healing, (as described in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11), really were true. I also sought evidence that God still works those same kinds of miracles today.

I began a faith journey to learn the answer to one question: “Would God show Himself to me with an unmistakable, undeniable, miraculous personal physical healing?”

It is only natural for anyone to wonder at some time in their Christian walk whether the promises of God apply to “me” in modern times, especially as it relates to miracles, healings and spiritual gifts.

My Own Miracle documents the journey from the doctor’s phone call that dark day in October of 2011 until the date that the answer came. In obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, I began writing this book BEFORE there was a healing or any indication that one had begun. In fact over 90% of this book was written before God showed me a miracle!

It is important to preface this book with perhaps the most commonly asked question that Christians struggle with: “Why does God allow suffering in His children?” Probably every Pastor out there has been asked this question many times.

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The Dream

This document illustrates, in detail, the complete and unedited contents of a dream which the author had for five nights in a row in February of 1983. While the dream may seem shocking, the realty of how it realistically is playing out in its detail is even more startling in the current day.

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Dr. Littke holds an earned PhD in counseling psychology. He is a ordained minister and lives in Michigan. For twenty-five years, he has served as CEO of one of the largest companies in America, providing services that assist older adults to remain independently in their own home.

Dr. Littke previously worked for twelve years in radio and television broadcasting, has worked as a deputy sheriff, and is an FAA licensed pilot.

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